America’s Got Talent’s Simon Cowell Helps to Shut Down South Korean Dog Meat Farm


America’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell is well known for his love of dogs. Recently, he helped rescuers save hundreds of dogs from a dog meat farm in South Korea by making a sizable donation.

“We are excited to announce that Simon Cowell has just donated a HUGE £25,000 to HSI to help us close down a dog meat farm in South Korea saving over 200 dogs from being killed and eaten,” Humane Society International wrote on Facebook. “This will be the 13th South Korean dog meat farm closed by HSI, bringing the total number of dogs saved to nearly 1,600.”

Closing the farms doesn’t just involve freeing the dogs. The international charity also helps the dog meat farmers transition to more humane, profitable businesses.

“With every dog farm we close and every farmer we help switch to a more profitable, humane business, we’re showing the South Korean government that it’s possible to end this cruel trade,” the organization said.

The international animal aid group also shared pictures of some of the dogs they saved from the farm.

Humane Society International

“Our Animal Rescue Team has arrived on the South Korean dog meat farm to save 200+ dogs from a brutal fate. It’s a heartbreaking sight to see – animals lined up in wire cages, shaking with fear, but thankfully our team is there to help,” they noted.

Humane Society International

The HSI also thanked their supporters for matching Simon Cowell’s “incredible gift”. The funds will continue to go towards helping rescue other dogs from dog meat farms in Asia.


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