Amidst convulsions and pain, this poor dog has found solace, longing to be freed from her debilitating illness

It’s difficult to comprehend the extent of cruelty some animals face. Beautiful creatures, scared and suffering, desperately in need of help. There are too many innocent lives struggling, their silent cries for help going unanswered.

As rescuers, we face daily challenges. This article tells the heart-wrenching stories of two animals, both in dire need of care and compassion. Through the kindness of strangers, their lives take a turn towards healing and hope.


The story begins when a concerned passerby spotted a dog in distress. Desperate for help, they contacted our rescue organization. The dog was suffering, exhibiting signs of seizures. An ambulance arrived on the scene, attempting to stabilize the animal. However, further examination was needed to determine the cause of the seizures.

At the veterinary clinic, the dog lay on the floor, disoriented and in pain. The muscle spasms continued, and the medical staff quickly began testing for canine distemper. Thankfully, the results came back negative, but the cause of the seizures remained a mystery. The dog would need ongoing care, including medications to reduce inflammation and detoxify its liver.

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