An arduous journey: Under the blazing sun, a dog dragged its emaciated body on the asphalt, driven by hunger and an unyielding will to survive. ​ThuHa

This is the story of Cristal, a dog who had been left alone in pain and starved desperately for months. She dragged herself on the asphalt in the hot sun to get food, and was very emaciated, skin and bone. When we found her, she had a big hole on her leg probably full of myiasis. She had been run over and had spent months dragging herself on the street. She had to endure everything without being able to ask for help. She was broken, sick, and very scared and afraid of any touch. Seeing an innocent being going through it wears us down.

We knew we had to do something to help her. We couldn’t just leave her there, alone and in pain. We took her to the vet and got her the care she needed. She was given a name, Cristal, and finally got to know affection. She found people who were taking care of her.

Cristal was infested with ticks, extremely thin, and just skin and bone. She needed a serum and medication for ticks. We discovered she had a mass in her spleen, but we needed to stabilize and treat the most urgent health problems before we could think about surgery. She had already been treated for the tick disease, but she would still have many treatments to make a complete recovery

Cristal had been fighting a lot, and each day was a battle for her. But she was a survivor, and she got familiar with the wheelchair. She was a sweetheart, and everything was a joy to her. She loved to be charming at mealtimes. All the vets fell in love with her right away, it was love at first sight.

Cristal deserves a home that will be able to give her all the assistance she deserves. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide her with a home at the moment. But we are determined to find her a home where she will be loved and taken care of.

It is heartbreaking to see an innocent animal suffer, but it is also heartwarming to see how people come together to help them. Cristal’s story is a testament to the power of love and care. It is also a reminder that there are many animals out there who need our help, and we should do everything we can to help them.

We hope that Cristal’s story will inspire people to help animals in need. We also hope that her story will have a happy ending, and that she will find a loving home where she will be happy and healthy for the rest of her life.

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