Andretti Edition: 1977 Alfa Romeo GT


Found in a shop belonging to an Alfa collector who passed away, this 1977 Alfa Romeo GT Andretti Edition is now for sale on craigslist for $7500. The car has been sitting for ten years without being started. Its current home is Laguna Niguel, California, and you’ll need a trailer to retrieve it. The Alfetta-based GT and GTV were produced starting in 1974. Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro at Italdesign, the car proved intensely popular with over 120,000 sold by the time the model sunsetted in 1987. We have Barn Finder numskal to thank for spotting this sleeping beauty.

The base engine in the Alfetta GT was a 1.6-liter dual overhead cam four-cylinder, an option sold largely in Europe; the GTV received a 2.0-liter starting in 1976. The Spica fuel-injected version of this engine, making about 110 hp, was sold in America’s market. This car’s injection unit requires a rebuild before the car will run. It’s tempting to wonder why the seller didn’t farm out the rebuild before listing the car, but not everyone is talented with Spica fuel injection. In the “good news” column, the motor turns by hand, and the clutch, brakes, and various electrical items do work. The odometer reads 86,000 miles.


The Andretti Edition included bright red carpeting, still in fair condition here. The seats will need attention but the dash is uncracked. The split gauge clusters are vivid and clean – of course, whether they function after this car’s slumber remains to be seen. Warpage appears in the plastic parts down by the radio.

Other Andretti Edition options included Campagnolo Turbina wheels, tri-color striping and a decal of Mario’s autograph, Koni shocks, and an Ansa tailpipe. Just 150 Andretti Edition cars were made; a dash plaque indicates that this is car number 142. The rear louvers are a Chastain Shadow aftermarket item. A second set of sail panels is included, with Quadrifoglio badges. The paint, bumpers, trim, lenses, and glass are all in great shape, with no rust present, not even on the underside. Alfas rusted while on their way across the Atlantic straight from the factory, so this one’s condition is a minor miracle. As to value, the seller indicates that Andretti Alfas are selling for over $20k. He may have found the one sale I also found, here, for $25k. If you’ll settle for a run-of-the-mill Alfetta, they are widely available at much lower prices.

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