Argentina, Adopted Thanos To Make Sure That He Felt Unconditional Love During His Final Days.

Man adopts Dog with tu.mor so he can live out the rest of his life knowing Unconditional Love…!

Beautiful young man with the biggest kind heart and compassion giving this precious dog so much love and care.

A loveable dog named Thanos was diag.nosed with ‘can.cer’ which spread quickly to his head causing a massive tumor to grow.

The poor thing had been rejected by four different families because taking care of him was too difficult of a task.

But luckily, Luciano Karosas, from Berazategui in Buenos Aires kn.owingly adopted a dog who only had a few weeks left to live.

Out of all other pets, Luciano chose Thanos to take home with him. His idea was to offer his new pawed friend the best comfort in his final days

Thanos the dog, had a [cancerous tumor] growing on his head.

Karosas took Thanos to the vet, hoping that maybe they could ‘opera.te’, but the vet explained that there wasn’t any way to extend his time.

Even though Thanos had a ‘giant tu.m.or’ on his head, you wouldn’t know it! He loves to play around and snuggle just like any dog would.

Thanos, who was previously named Coconut before finally being adopted by the kindhearted Argentinian

He played with him just like he was a normal dog.

Man adopts dog with an enormous tumor so he can know love during his final  days

Initially, he didn’t want to accept there was nothing he could so he did everything in his power do to save the animal.

Unfortunately as expected, Thanos eventually succumbed to the terrible illness and he passed away a little while later.

The story made a huge splash on the internet as Luciano shared his and Thanos’ routine.

Thank you for giving this sweet baby a home and unconditional love  

God bless this amazing gentleman with such a tender heart and Beautiful pup.

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