ASTON MARTIN DB10 FOR SALE – Opportunity to Own a Piece of Automotive History

The latest Aston Martin DB10 of the secret agent James Bond 007 is on sale, so if anyone is interested, go for it.
The collectors will have the rare opportunity to buy the car that James Bond drove in his latest movie.

The fact that only one person will be able to buy this car, speaks about how exclusive is this Aston Martin DB10.
And we have always wondered whether the beautiful girls or the cars are the trademark of the most famous agent of her Majesty.

Although they never intended to produce the Aston Martin DB10, one of the prototypes will find its way to the private collections. This powerful coupe is one of the most impressive movie cars in the recent years.

It is based on the chassis of the V8 Vantage, has a body of carbon fiber and hand-processed interior, using fine luxury leathers, carbon fiber and aluminium. Its 4.7-liter V8 engine is paired with six-speed manual gearbox, as her Majesty’s secret agent prefers. It has an estimated top speed of around 190 mph.
Aston Martin has made only 10 cars of this model, all for the purposes of the movie “Spectre”.
The car that is on sale is one of the two remaining cars that can be driven, and most importantly, that are in excellent condition.  It wasn’t used in the shooting, but for the promotion of the film.
It is important to know that besides a special certificate for authenticity from Aston Martin, the car will be signed by the actor Daniel Craig himself.
The car is not homologated, certified or approved for use on any public roads and it has not undergone the testing processes used for production cars.
In short, it’s not legal for the road. Also, it does not come with any kind of warranty.
But that wouldn’t stop James Bond, of course.

The auction will be held on February 18 in London and the proceeds will be donated to the foundation “Doctors Without Borders“.

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