At The Last Moment They Regretted Their Decision To Abandon A Puppy All Dressed Up And Upset On The Day Of His Adoption.

At The Last Moment They Regretted Their Decision To Abandon A Puppy All Dressed Up And Upset On The Day Of His Adoption.

Picture yourself donning a tuxedo, only to face rejection in the eleventh hour. Regrettably, an adorable dog who was also garbed in a tuxedo met a similar fate. Vicente, the dog, was set to be taken in by his new “parents” the following day, but they called off the adoption when he was ready to leave and head to his new abode.

Fundacion Rescatame, a non-profit organization situated in La Calera, Colombia, was the intended destination for the adorable dog’s adoption. On September 9, following Vicente’s rejection on adoption day, the rescue shared heart-wrenching images of the pooch on their Facebook page.

The story recounts how Vicente’s prospective adoptive parents failed to show up for him, causing him to be dejected after being groomed and readied for a home. When questioned about our stringent adoption procedures, we cite this as the reason why we take them seriously. Our objective is to ensure that we don’t have to fret over the welfare of our furry companions indefinitely. It’s crucial to bear in mind that adopting a dog entails a long-term obligation, and it’s not a decision that can be reversed at whim.

Although you may feel saddened for the adorable dog, keep in mind that this tale concludes on a positive note. The tweet garnered a lot of attention on social media, with over 3,000 individuals sharing it. As a result, the rescue organization received multiple inquiries about adopting Vicente in a short period of time.

A few days later, he was adopted by a loving and appreciative forever family who appeared to adore their new furry companion. The family went so far as to publicly declare their adoption of the adorable pup by sharing recent photos of him.

Vicente has found a loving, permanent home, even though the organization still has 40 other dogs available for adoption. The rescue’s hard work this year has led to the successful rehoming of nearly 200 pets. Their Facebook page describes them as a non-profit organization devoted to fighting animal cruelty and providing rescue, protection, and care for abandoned animals.

They further stated that their objective is to aid every creature, regardless of their species, age, or gender, as they believe that all animals deserve a chance for redemption.

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