At the threshold, a woman found herself consumed by grief following the passing of her husband and dog, but it was two unfortunate kittens who ultimately became her salvation

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The husband died suddenly. The thrombus broke off. And that’s it. He sat at the computer on the day off. There she found him, coming from the store. Tragedy. Terrible, but … she was consoled by the fact that he did not suffer. Just like falling asleep. I didn’t even understand anything. At least that’s what the doctors told her.

His dog, a kind-hearted creature named Kotya, survived the owner by only a month. I just couldn’t do without it. Faded away slowly and went to another, better world. Where there is no pain, no suffering, no grief.

Two such losses in a short time are hard to bear. She couldn’t cry or scream. Just numb is all.
Anyone can pass the psyche and nerves. So she began to give up. It seemed to her that they were nearby and she talked to them. And relatives and friends were afraid. They decided that she was going crazy and it was not surprising to think so.

They took her to the doctors, took her to picnics and pick mushrooms in the forest. We tried to distract as much as we could. Can you help here?

She agreed with everyone and willingly went, but … as soon as she returned home, everything was repeated. And the mother and sister moved to live with her for a short time. They decided that they could distract her from her sad thoughts. And rightly so. Home has become more fun. Here’s just one.

They were very frightened when she suddenly looked in one direction and began to speak as if the departed husband and his dog were in the same room with them.

And lately it’s even worse. It seemed to her that they were standing near the door and trying to enter. The woman ran and opened the front door. She begged them to come in and was terribly upset that they did not go into the apartment.

Agree, ladies and gentlemen, here anyone will start to go crazy gradually. And they left, already fearing for their psyche. And she felt better. Much.

No one controlled her anymore, no one told her how to live and what to do.

The woman could now calmly see her departed and still dear creatures. There was only one thing that bothered her.
She couldn’t figure out what they wanted from her. Why don’t they enter the house? After all, from the very beginning they were always there. And suddenly – behind the doors.


At first she heard her husband calling, and then the dog began to scratch at the door. And one day … when this dream of those standing in front of the door began to haunt her both in a dream and in reality, she went out into the corridor and, looking around, to make sure that no one saw her. She just asked, “What do you want? What are you trying to explain to me?”


And late in the evening, when the street lamps illuminated the empty yards, and the autumn was drizzling with cold rain, and the leaves swept the alleys, the sound of a scratching dog was heard again. The woman, trying not to worry, went to the door and opened it.
“Either come in,” she said, “or tell me what you want from me.”

And it seemed to her that Kotya nodded to her, and her husband smiled. And her soul became so light and calm, as if now she would meet with them.

Well, that’s good, she thought. That’s good. Now we will be together again. What am I to do in this empty and cold world without the two of you?”

“Lead me,” she said to the empty corridor. “I’m coming to you.”

And she distinctly heard the sound of dog claws clattering down the stairs, followed by the sound of men’s heavy boots.

Without thinking for a second, she rushed down the steps of the empty flights of stairs. And when she opened the doors leading from the entrance to the street, there was no one there.

And she was seized by such a terrible feeling of loneliness and disappointment that she realized that she would not be able to survive this night.

The woman was about to close the door to the entrance and return to her empty apartment. To spend the last night there, but then her eyes fell on the steps descending from the entrance to the street and there …

There were two kittens sitting next to each other. They were terribly cold and shivering from cold and hunger. They no longer had the strength to squeak and ask for help. They just looked at her with pleading eyes. And in this look there was no hope – there was hopelessness and an understanding of the inevitable. Without a moment’s hesitation, she picked up two babies – one black and one white – and rushed home with all her might. Only one thought beat in my head: “Have time to save. Warm up and feed.
And after a couple of hours, washed in warm water, fed with chicken soup and pieces of meat, the kids fell asleep, clinging to each other and to her hands, and in the morning …

She got up and enjoyed breakfast for the first time in months.

Fluffy babies climbed on her knees and pushed each other and their purring filled her heart and soul with inexpressible pleasure.

She was complimented at work. All her friends who knew about her grief were delighted and noticed that she looked much better. They asked her what happened and what caused this change. But how could one explain this and not become abnormal in their eyes? And she just smiled back. And at home…

Two new family members were waiting for her at home. They didn’t let her get bored.



At night, she dreamed that her husband and Kotya were standing by her bed and smiling. And for the first time, she cried. In a dream. And she felt two small warm bodies pressed against her. She calmed down and fell into a restful and healthy sleep.

More husband and dog did not come. They seem to have done their job and left.

Many times she went to the grave of her husband and dog, which she secretly buried next to him. But I didn’t see anything.
She just talked to them and thanked them. Because they gave her a new meaning in life.


Now she walks around the city and feeds homeless animals. And he never answers reproaches, ridicule and bullying. Is it possible to explain to people why she does this? Who will understand and will they understand?

And why?

She just smiles back at everyone. And offenders are embarrassed and move away, and some begin to help.

Maybe because they see something special in this woman? Or maybe because something good is waking up in them too.
She meets with relatives and goes on picnics with her friends.

What helped her to come to her senses?
Don’t know.
But I know for sure that the departed husband and dog named Kotya are happy. They have completed their task.
Help her to survive, which means everything will be fine.

So what am I on about? Oh yes. Exactly.
Keep doors open. Maybe one day they will knock on your door and ask you to pick up two kittens, or maybe puppies.
It doesn’t matter who.
Do not close the doors and do not pass by. After all, this is your chance. Maybe the last one.

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