Ayla, the poor dog, emaciated and mangled, shivering, a heartbreaking sight of hurt and suffering

When Krista found Ayla, the poor puppy was only 2.5 months old and in excruciating pain. Starving and covered in mange, Ayla was shivering while crawling along the ground. Krista quickly took her to the vet, where a clinic check revealed that Ayla was in very poor general health. X-rays also showed that she had a stone in her stomach, which she must have swallowed, further indicating that she had been lacking calcium. The lack of calcium had caused deformity in both of her front legs, leaving Ayla with no choice but to crawl along the ground, which created further abrasions and injuries over time.

Ayla is now being hospitalized, and Little Steps is doing everything possible to help her heal. Recovery can take up to three months with intensive care, but most importantly, Ayla is safe. Luckily, X-rays found that Ayla had no broken bones, which means she will have a higher chance to walk again.

After a few hours in the vet, Ayla was found sleeping soundly on her very first soft bed, looking content and relaxed. In addition to nutrition, Ayla was also taken to sunbathe, which made her much happier but still suffer from itchiness due to mange. Ayla is definitely winning the award for the best patient, and our beautiful angel has been moved into her own little isolation, giving her some time to rest and decompress.

Ayla underwent a blood test the next day, which revealed no major issues except for the mange and lacking nutrition. She was injected with a supplement to boost her calcium and had a bandage put on to fix her deformity issue. Seeing our little sweetheart healing, my heart is so full. Spending quality time with Ayla, the happiest little puppy there is, is an absolute joy. She looks so happy and relieved to not crawl anymore and is finally able to play just like a puppy should. She loves her little ball so much, and we found a new way to motivate her to walk with a new toy. If we don’t play, Ayla just follows us.

Ayla will have to wear the bandage for nearly a week, so we will keep updating her situation in the next video. Let’s fight together with Ayla, and we will always be with her. We hope we can make her story go viral, and that people will see the importance of rescuing and rehabilitating animals in need.

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