Brave firefighter heroes bravely rushed to rescue the dog in the river when the water was fast

The Los Angeles Fire Department’s crews successfully rescued a dog named Scooby from the Los Angeles River after multiple efforts had failed. On Monday, people attempting to save the dog were urged to stay away when a male bystander had to be rescued himself after jumping into the water to try and save Scooby.

According to the press release from the Los Angeles Fire Department, a heavy downpour quickly transformed the riverbed from dry concrete into a swiftly moving river, putting the lives of anyone trapped within it at risk. The woman, 35, was rescued within 30 minutes, but Scooby remained in the water.

Using a rope system to lower a firefighter over the edge of the river, the woman was saved, but she abandoned the rescue ring in an effort to keep hold of Scooby. The LAFD then lowered a rescuer from a helicopter to save the woman while monitoring and tracking the dog’s movements down the river.

Once the dog was located, a rescuer was able to loop a rope around him, but Scooby was so scared that he fought the rescuer and broke loose. Using another approach, the helicopter continued to monitor the dog’s position, and at this time, a bystander jumped into the water to rescue Scooby. Even though he was able to grab the dog, the two were swept downstream by the powerful current.

A rope was thrown down to the man, and then a rescuer was lowered into the river to save him.

Police ordered people not to go into the river to try and rescue the dog, and Scooby treaded water until he was able to walk in the shallower area. However, when the pup saw the rescuers, he ran away from them. Finally, a firefighter caught up with Scooby at Gilligan’s Island Road, and as he continued to elude his rescuers, the firemen surrounded him and were able to secure a rope around his neck and lift him to safety.

The LA Animal Services’ Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team was on the scene to assist with the rescue efforts. The agency later released a photo of Scooby before he was reunited with his owner.

“You’re a lucky boy, Scooby, that firefighters and other Los Angeles public officers wouldn’t give up on you to save your life.”

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