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“Twitter falls in love with a feline named Dog from Vietnam, who lends a paw in selling fish”

It may sound unbelievable, but the cat you see in the picture is actually selling fish in a Vietnamese market. The feline’s name is Chó, which means “dog” in English, and it has become quite a sensation on social media in recent weeks. With over 60,000 followers on Instagram, the cute kitten can be spotted […]

“Abandoned and Confused: Heartbreaking Tale of a Dog Left in a Trash Bag”

Animal cruelty is a widespread issue in the world, but there’s a touching tale of resilience that deserves recognition. Recently, a small pup was discovered in Can Tho, Vietnam, trapped inside a trash bag. Her breathing was restricted, and she was destined to suffer a slow and excruciating death. Fortunately, a courageous individual intervened and […]

Loyal Dog Won’t Leave Owner’s Crash Site And Inspires The Community To Build Him A New Home

  There’s one movie that’s sure to bring tears to your eyes. The famous “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale.” This film tells the true story of an incredibly loyal Japanese Akita named Hachiko, who was devastated by the loss of his owner. For nine long years after his owner’s passing, Hachiko waited faithfully at Tokyo’s Shibuya […]

“Against All Odds: A Determined Dog’s Will to Live Despite Traumatic Brain Injury”

A dog who suffered a severe blow to the head is determined to keep fighting even though his body is failing. Despite being shattered by the trauma, this brave pup is refusing to give up on life. It’s essential to show affection and love towards every dog! Unfortunately, a puppy suffered from severe injuries when […]

“Heroic Intervention: A Race Against Time to Save a Neglected Dog in Dire Need of Help”

When a dog was discovered almost drowning in a puddle filled with trash and in terrible conditions, the heroes who found him were moved to tears. Their actions in response to this situation touched people’s hearts and reminded us of the kindness that still exists in humanity. It is important to remember that life on […]

Heartbreaking Tale of a Dog Abandoned and Tortured by His Owner with Scorpions All Over His Body

These days, it’s becoming increasingly common to see dogs left alone on the streets. However, it’s difficult to comprehend the rationale behind this behaviour. Our utmost dedication will be poured towards helping this extraordinary young gentleman. This dog is exceptionally smart. Please proceed with rescuing and restoring it. It definitely deserves it! It has become […]

“Hope for a Second Chance: Rescuers Save Abused Dog Left to Die in Trash Can”

Had it not been for the kindness of a stranger, Charlie the Pit Bull may have perished in a pile of garbage. Nikki Rubino stumbled upon the injured dog lying next to a dumpster, covered in dirt, flies, and wounds to his head. After being alerted to Charlie’s situation via a Facebook post, Nikki, a […]

“Helpless Owner Watches Beloved Dog Suffer from Painful Skin Infection Due to Lack of Funds for Treatment”

These distressing images depict a common reality for low-income families who lack access to basic veterinary care for their pets. Despite raising eyebrows and prompting questions, rescuing these dogs that are often deemed “ugly” was necessary. The fact remains that there are countless canines who suffer similarly to Chico, and merely discarding them is not […]

“A Heartwarming Reunion: Rescued Dogs from a Neglected Dump Recreate Emotional Photo One Year Later”

Cooper, Trixi, and Bruno had a rough start in life and didn’t always have a comfortable place to sleep. Prior to their rescue, the loyal trio would huddle together on a dirty mattress in a dumpsite to stay warm and offer each other comfort. However, nothing could compare to having a real home to call […]

“From Misery to Happiness: Promising a Brighter Future for the Dog with the Toughest Past”

Introducing Eeyore, the adorable pup who has endured a series of unfortunate events but has finally found refuge at Stray Rescue St. Louis. This little guy has already stolen the hearts of his rescuers with his charming personality. The poor dog, now called Eeyore, is in a terrible condition with cuts and bleeding from open […]