CDC’s Challenger Body Kit Is Wide, Slammed To The Ground and Menacing

If you are looking for a more aggressive stance on your 2008+ Dodge Challenger or if you are looking to fit a much wider tire under your muscle car without the wheels hanging out of the wheel wells, the folks at Classic Design Concepts have you covered with their new Group 2 Widebody package.

The original Group 2 Widebody Challenger from CDC made its debut at SEMA back in 2008, but was given a new look for this year’s trade show. This new package made its formal debut at the 2016 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, introducing the best offer for a Challenger owner who wants a wider track without the truck-style wheel flares.

This package adds the flared front fenders which completely replace the factory fenders and out back, the CDC package includes flares that attach over the existing quarter panels (with some obvious body modifications). CDC promises that this widebody kit will allow Challenger owners to “easily” fit a 10 inch wide front wheel setup and a 12 inch wide rear wheel setup, and thanks to the flattened wheel arch design, the Group 2 Widebody kits presents a lowered look with the factory ride height.
It should be noted that the Challenger shown here does have an aftermarket air suspension setup and aftermarket wheels, so this particular muscle car has a very different stance than a stock car. That being said, you can still see the stark differences between a standard new Challenger and one with the CDC Group 2 Widebody package. And if you happen to forget that this is a widebody Challenger, because the extra six inches of width are hard to miss, there’s a clear reminder on the back of the car.

CDC has designed the rear quarter panel flares to resemble the “billboard” graphics from the 1971 Plymouth Barracuda with a long list of customization options and for those who want to apply these to a car to go road racing – these fenders and flares are made from a high impact polymer which is more resilient than many of the low-cost body bits on today’s market.
This is not the first widebody design we have seen for the 2008+ Challenger, but these front fenders are definitely the cleanest design we have seen thus far, with the seamless feel that barely looks like an aftermarket piece. The CDC rear quarters aren’t quite as factory-looking, but they are much cleaner looking than those kits which use a truck-style flare.
Widebody packages aren’t for everyone, but if you want a much wider stance on your modern Dodge Challenger, the Group 2 Widebody kit is the best option we have seen thus far.

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