Chained and Neglected: The Harrowing Tale of a Hungry and Thirsty Dog.ThaiNga

“Only a psychopath is capable of such a thing,” learns the lesson of a dog shelter in Kassia, whose employees were alerted on Monday to a case so terrible that it is simply impossible to find words.

“We went there… He was lying down, and as we approached, we saw something that we had never seen before,” says  the shelter’s post on Facebook . The dog rescuers faced a truly unprecedented and brutal situation:

A female German Shepherd lay under the Abaújszakaly (Sokoľany) bridge near Kassa in August 2018.

The legs and mouth of the weak, dying animal were tied together, the wire used for this had already been used for approx. he cut into the flesh and bones of a helpless dog that had been lying there for three or four days.

The staff of the shelter immediately transported the baby to the animal hospital, where he was freed from the wires and strings, his wounds were treated and he was given an infusion.

“At first he wanted to bite us all, we’re not surprised at that. Later he calmed down, drank and ate. The vets are putting her together, but her little one needs a loving home,” they write  on the dog shelter’s Facebook page  about the German shepherd named Elisabeth.


The dog still has to recover from his injuries, but they are already looking for the right owner for him.

Fortunately, the dog has been completely fine since then and has already been adopted.

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