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This amazing 1929 Ford Roadster was built by Charly’s Garage in Mesa, AZ. I was lucky to have the opportunity to ride in it and I was impressed how well it handled. When Charles started the car up, it sounded perfect. The paint, the interior, the trim, the engine and the overall look of the vehicle is near flawless. This is definitely a car one must see in person to fully appreciate.

Charles and his father built this 1929 Roadster together. They take it out to car show’s like (their favorite) the GoodGuys in Scottsdale, AZ and show it off in the Charly’s Garage booth. Charles stated that his dad inspired him wanting to work on vehicles at a young age and he still really enjoys his work. I asked him what his favorite part of what he does is and he said: “My favorite part of the work I do is when I finish a vehicle and get to see the customer enjoy it”.

Charles opened up Charly’s Garage in 2000 and they have been doing very well mainly due to word of mouth from repeat customers. I asked him what separates his shop from other options for customers to take their vehicle and he said: “Good customer service, friendly atmosphere and the willingness to understand what the customer wants”.  I then asked him what some common misconceptions are when meeting with customers for the 1st time about their possible restoration project and he said: “I think the most common misconception people have is that restoring a vehicle is easy and many people don’t realize the amount of man hours that it takes to complete a project the right way”.

Charly’s Garage does not limit themselves to exclusively hot rods. They are a full service shop and offer repair and maintenance on all makes and model vehicles. For more information about location and services, please visit the website at

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