Check Out What $17 Million in Vehicles Looks Like in the Fast 8 Garage

The Fast and The Furious franchise has always managed to create a stir in the world of car tuning/modifying.
Fast and Furious 8 is covering more grounds, literally. In keeping with the franchise’s penchant for filming in “exotic” locations, such as Iceland and Cuba, the main filming location was New York City.

As expected, Fast 8 will get some amazing rides which are more than capable of handling icy surfaces from the Iceland set.
Dominic gets a grey sedan called “Dodge Ice Charger,” Letty’s car is a modified SUV called “Rally Fighter,” Tej’s ride is a modified tank called “Ripshaw,” Roman’s is an orange Lamborghini, and Hobbs gets an “Ice Ram.”

Check out ‘Fast 8’ Ice Cars gallery from Iceland Set

The main filming location was New York City

Dom Toretto’s Plymouth GTX (with a rumored LS3 engine swap), Letty’s second-gen Corvette, Hobb’s International MXT, Roman’s Bentley Continental GT, a Jaguar F-Type belonging to Deckard (Jason Statham), Tej’s Mercedes-AMG GT, and a wide-bodied Subaru BRZ were spotted rumbling and wheeling around iconic Gotham locations.

See the Amazing Cars of Fast 8 Filming in New York City

The video, which debuted on the franchise’s Facebook page, features vehicle coordinator Dennis McCarthy, who gives us a glimpse at this incredible collection of cars, motorcycles, helicopters, boats, and buses — appearing in the 2017 film. The collection of vehicles assembled for the film is valued at more than $17 million, according to McCarthy…and that’s just for one particular scene.
Dennis McCarthy brings his own ’57 fuel-injected Chevrolet Bel Air into the movie, as well a friend’s 1,000 horsepower, twin-turbocharged 1929 Ford rat rod.

A one-of-one Nissan IDx NISMOconcept car also joins the set, which was delivered by Nissan along with an engineer to go through its ins-and-outs. Its value? A colossal $2 million.

Fast 8 is expected to hit theaters on April 14, 2017.
In a meantime, check this incredible car collection on the video below.

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