Couple Returns to Home Lost in California’s Camp Fire to Find Their Dog Waiting for Them

One couple unexpectedly reconnected with their devoted pet after losing their house to California’s worst wildfire.

The couple went back to the location of their abandoned house in Paradise, California, according to K9 Paw Print Rescue, an animal rescue non-profit headquartered in the Bay Area, and their cherished dog Madison was there too.

They said on social media, “They prayed and hoped he would be OK.” “When they were given permission to return to the property where their former home stood,… As if guarding his previous residence, Madison was standing there waiting for them. Never give up.

November’s Camp Fire in Northern California was the deadliest wildfire in state history, with 85 confirmed deaths and over 18,000 structures destroyed. As the wildfires spread, many residents had to abandon their home and belongings. In some tragic cases, fleeing residents had to leave pets behind.

In the Facebook post’s comments, Shayla Sullivan—who claimed to have helped in the fire zone—explained how she had planned the reunion.

Sullivan said that she first located the couple’s second dog, Miguel, and brought them back together. Madison stayed at the back, making it more difficult to catch him. Until she could get Madison back home, Sullivan placed food and water out for him.

In a meeting with one of Madison’s owners, Andrea Gaylord, Sullivan allegedly got the idea to hide a piece of clothing that would smell like her in order to “keep Madison’s hope alive until his people could return.”

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