Craziest Stunt Ever, One-Mile Super Jump over the Border between Canada and USA

In the early 1970’s car stunts were much more dangerous than they are today. Back then, they had limited formulas and lacked the aid of computer simulation technology. The old days of car stunts were much different than today.
Today we have the aid of ample safety technology, unique camera equipment, and computer graphics. Not everything you see today is real, even though it may be portrayed as factual.
Today’s stunt jockey lacks the edge that the early stuntmen craved. Car stunts used to be extremely dangerous compared to the easy stunts we have today.

In the 1976 Kenny Powers, a Canadian daredevil attempted one of the most idiotic stunts known to humankind.

Ken Carter was a stuntman who dreams of flying a rocket powered car across the St. Lawrence Seaway from Canada to the United States. Coming from a very poor family, Carter became a stunt driver at the age of 18 with only a Grade 4 education. He wants to establish himself as the world’s greatest daredevil by setting a world record for the longest jump in a car.
For five years he tries to make his dream into reality but unfortunately for Ken, while he may have the ambition he does not have the money, resources or talent to do this, but that does not stop him from trying, although when it actually comes time for him to make the jump he loses his nerve.
Ken wasn’t even the one who attempted the jump as he lost his nerve and the backers got Ken’s friend Kenny Powers to do it.

Powers tried to drive a rocket-powered and winged Lincoln Continental off a massive ramp and over the mile-wide St. Lawrence River and the border between Canada and US.
The stunt cost an estimated $1 million and resulted in … well, you’ve just got to watch the video.

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