Crocodiles boldly explore land in pursuit of prey, only to be startled by wild dogs trying to snatch their meal.ThanhSinh


The wild dog is an animal with a very sinister nature. They often hunt in packs, so no matter how big or small they can hunt.
A herd of wild dogs is wandering around looking for food by the side of a small river. Suddenly they met two fat crocodiles lying in the sun.

The wild dogs started calling each other and planning to kill the crocodile. A wild dog leading the pack started approaching the crocodile. It bit hard on the crocodile body quickly and then released.

Immediately the crocodile also opened its mouth wide and snapped back at the wild dog.

The panicking dog was also quite scared, so he backed away. It wandered around for a while observing the situation to continue attacking the crocodile.
Some of the stray dogs in the pack didn’t seem interested and they were afraid of losing their lives fighting the crocodile so they went away.

Another wild dog persisted with the crocodiles. It looked at the crocodile with lustful eyes, wanting to kill it immediately. Maybe it’s too hungry and doesn’t want to move any further.
But because the whole herd had left, it had to leave the crocodiles.


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