“Daily Doses of Comfort: Gentleman Floats with His Beloved 19-Year-Old Canine Companion to Relieve Pain”

It’s possible that you have seen this picture in the past. It depicts a man with lengthy, greying hair who is floating in water while holding his sleeping Shepherd mix in his arms and resting his head on the man’s chest.

In loving arms: Man floats his sick dog to sleep, becomes Internet sensation

When John Unger took in Schoep, he was just a little puppy. As the years passed, Schoep developed arthritis and hip dysplasia, making life more difficult for him. Wanting to provide his furry friend with some relief, Unger discovered that floating with Schoep was the perfect solution. For 19 years, this became their favorite method of easing Schoep’s pain.

Video: Man floats with dog to ease its pain | FOX31 Denver

A picture of Unger and his friend was taken by his companion, which quickly spread like wildfire across the web.

The viral picture of Unger and Schoep made waves in the news, and as a result, donations poured in from all corners of the globe. These contributions enabled Unger to explore different pain management methods, which gave him an additional year with his cherished dog, Schoep.

Although Schoep has passed away, the love that was captured in a single photograph can still be felt by people all over the globe.

Man floats with dog to ease its pain | CNN

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