Unyielding Commitment to Canine Rescue: The Inspiring Journey of Devote, a Compassionate Soul Rescuing Abandoned Dogs on the Streets of Thailand

Devote: An Inspiring Journey of Compassion in Canine Rescue, Unwavering in Rescuing Abandoned Dogs on Thailand’s Streets

The Shattered Emotions of a Man Spark Transformation in the Lives of Stray Dogs in Thailand

The lives of stray dogs roaming the streets of Thailand were forever changed when one man’s broken emotions ignited a remarkable transformation five years ago. Recognized today as the “Dog Savior,” his unwavering commitment to rescuing these helpless canines has earned him well-deserved acclaim.

A Life-Altering Encounter and a New Calling

While vacationing in Thailand alongside his wife, Scottish restaurateur Michael J. Baines was profoundly touched by the distressing situation of a malnourished street dog that was desperately in need of nourishment. The dog’s imploring gaze appeared to silently beg, “Assist me! I’m injured. I’m famished.” This encounter left an enduring impression on Baines, prompting him to spring into action.


A Kindness That Grows

On that decisive day, Baines encountered a mother dog who had recently delivered puppies but appeared significantly undernourished. Observing her distress stirred a profound empathy within him, prompting him to establish a routine of feeding her. This compassionate act served as a catalyst for his transformation into a devoted advocate for animals, fueling an unwavering dedication. The sight of dogs enduring pain or discomfort became unbearable for him, compelling him to take action and alleviate their suffering.


The Epiphany and Mission to Make a Difference

One day, Baines had a sudden realization. He understood that he had a responsibility to take decisive action and assist the unfortunate stray dogs in his community. Ever since that moment, Baines has dedicated himself to providing food for these dogs on a daily basis. To do so, he carefully plans three different routes consisting of a total of 17 stops. During his regular commute from home to work, Baines makes eight stops along the way, ensuring that approximately 30 dogs receive nourishment. After enjoying his breakfast at the restaurant, Baines prepares additional food and embarks on a second round, stopping at eight or nine locations to feed around 30 to 35 hungry canines. Additionally, he ensures that six more dogs located outside his restaurant, as well as another four to five dogs on his way back home, receive nourishment after a long day of work.

A Nutritious Feast and Preventive Care

To support his cause, Baines provides his furry companions with a nourishing mixture of dry food, boiled rice, vegetable oil, and bouillon. To enhance the taste, he includes a combination of boiled chicken, pork, and fish. Furthermore, he regularly administers preventive powders to protect the dogs from parasites like worms, ticks, and fleas. Baines primarily covers the expenses himself or relies on kind donations.

The Birth of The Soi Dog Foundation

The year 2003 marked the establishment of The Soi Dog Foundation by Baines and Gill Dalley. This charitable organization has a noble purpose of offering sanctuary to stray dogs. Its mission is centered around enhancing the welfare of dogs and cats in Asia, with the goal of uplifting the lives of both animals and humans. Their ultimate aspiration is to build a world where no animals are without a home and where animal cruelty is completely eradicated.

A Remarkable Medical Center for Dogs

Currently, the Soi Dog Foundation prides itself on having a dedicated facility for cats and a cutting-edge medical center for dogs, setting a new standard for hospitals in Asia and potentially worldwide. This remarkable establishment is solely focused on delivering top-notch care for street dogs. Gill Dalley, who unfortunately is no longer with us, devoted four years to supervising the construction of this extraordinary hospital, motivated by her commitment to ensuring exceptional medical attention for her cherished street dogs.

Continuing the Legacy

Unfortunately, Gill’s fight against cancer ended in early 2017, resulting in an immense emptiness. Nevertheless, Baines continues to demonstrate unwavering devotion to the Soi Dog Foundation and the wellbeing of stray dogs and cats. His tireless endeavors have been acknowledged and, in 2020, he was honored with an MBE for his extraordinary contributions to animal welfare in Southeast Asia. This serves as a testament to his extraordinary commitment.

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