Devoted guardian: the kind-hearted dog shows extraordinary devotion in taking care of his pregnant wife

Dads, do you remember taking care of your pregnant wife? Surely, you do. You can probably reminisce about those moments when you handled all the household chores and errands while she was expecting. Well, you’re not the only one. While some partners may claim they weren’t as fortunate, they can always showcase this viral video of a golden retriever looking after his mate during delivery.

The Goldens became an internet sensation. Initially, they were caught snoozing side by side. Suddenly, as soon as the wife awoke, one of the dogs hastily made his way towards the air conditioning switch and cranked up the temperature. Following that, he skillfully seized a small basin in his mouth and trotted over to the kitchen. Placing the basin gently in the sink, he extended his paw to activate the faucet. With a contented expression, he proudly returned to his companion, fully satisfied with his achievements.

After she finished her drink, he fetched her leash. Even though she was pregnant, it was important for her to stay active and fit. However, instead of their owner taking them both to the park, the dog decided to chew on the leash and join her mate.

This allowed the father dog to tend to other tasks, giving him the chance to run additional errands. During this portion of the day, he ventured into the kitchen to help in preparing his partner’s meal. Chicken, fish, shrimp, and various vegetables all seemed like great choices. The father dog supported his human by assisting in cleaning, and he even took care of the garbage.

Then, the labor began. As their fur parents sensed what was about to happen, they swiftly prepared up a nest for her. What was a room only for the two of them became a home for a loving family.

Afterwards, the labor commenced. Sensing the impending arrival, their fur parents quickly arranged a cozy nest for her. The room that was once exclusive to the two of them transformed into a warm and welcoming home for their new loving family.

The puppies came out of their mother, one at a time. Their owners carefully cleaned them before allowing them to nurse from their mother. Meanwhile, the owners provided her with easily digestible meals to support her during the process.

The cute retriever eventually became a father, and they now have seven lively puppies. Each of the pups has a distinct collar that resembles a rainbow, adding to their charm. And just like that, the father dog is back to his responsibilities. However, this time he is not only caring for one dog but looking after his partner and their offspring.

With the level of reliability shown by this exceptional young individual, we can be confident that they will be fine. Watch the video below to witness this affectionate golden retriever taking care of their entire family!

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