Discovered in a state of extreme starvation, with a skeleton threatening to puncture his skin, this poor dog’s will to survive is the inspiration and motivation of millions of other animals to follow

A couple claimed ownership of an old house on November 1, only to stumble upon a dog confined inside, appearing to have been abandoned for an extended period. Recognizing the dire condition of the emaciated canine, Marisa from Coraço100dono promptly rushed the malnourished animal to a veterinarian, noticing bones protruding through its skin.

The realtor’s confirmation revealed that the previous owner did not own a dog, suggesting that Valentine had been deliberately abandoned when the gate was locked, confining him within. It was only when the couple entered the house that Valentine was finally noticed.

Despite being infested with fleas and parasites and surviving solely on rainwater for several weeks, Valentine’s eyes displayed a resilient determination to live.

The next day, Marisa took him to her shelter, and Valentine’s story rapidly gained traction on social media.

Valentine’s hunger slowly came back, and he eagerly consumed his meals. Marisa also took him on long-awaited walks outdoors. In just three days since being rescued, he had already put on a kilogram, displaying encouraging improvement.

Valentine can now walk without any issues and enjoy playful interactions with his fellow dog companions. Although there is still a challenging journey ahead, Valentine can finally find comfort and security as he rests in a cozy bed, knowing that he is cherished and protected.

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