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It’s always nice to read something about car enthusiast who despite lack of finance or proper conditions made their dreams comes true. Now you can read Carlos Rodriguez’s story from Hollywood, CA and his 2013 Challenger nicknamed StealthMode.

“It’s all started back in May 2013 when I got my hands on my 2013 Dodge Challenger RT/P” said Carlos. “I thought I was done with the mod bug with my prior projects so told myself that I would leave this one alone as is. Well, that only worked out for 1 month. Stealth Mode was then born.

It was initially wrapped with a satin black finish with brushed metal black stripes and red accents. It was a hit for Spring Fest 9 back in March of 2014 and 2015. Won some great trophies along the way and couldn’t be happier. But it was now time to have Stealth reborn. Sat down with a close friend Sabra Lyons and my better half Celine and designed the new look. We all decided to keep a similar taste with the color scheme but revamp it with a twist. We redid the satin black finish as the foundation, added a new brushed metal stripe design with the help of another friend Carl Robinson and figured to add the red to the lower part of the Challenger.

I added a new Cervini Shaker hood, added a new set of Vossen CV3 wheels and had them powder coated a Jolly candy color by Primo Powder Coating in Huntington Beach to set things in a new way for Stealth. Rides comfortably with the help of an Accuair E-Level management system with touchpad with VIAIR compressors and UAS bags sleeved over OEM shocks. All installed by Brian from Infinite Auto Design in Bellflower. Stealth 2.0 was unveiled at Spring Fest 11 and had nothing but great feedback, thumbs up and accepted by people I look up to. So far all the hard work I’ve put in with the help of my close friends has been well worth it.
Memorable journey to get where I am now. I want to thank my better half Celine for putting up with my long hours of work. Sabra for coming through each weekend to get me where I am now, Primos Powder Coating, Infinite Auto Design, AFR Group, EIBACH and many more. Can’t wait for the car shows to roll in to start sharing my build with other auto enthusiasts”.

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