Dog That Was Buried Alive Gets Adopted By One Of His Rescuers

He didn’t trust me right away, but now that he does, our relationship is unbreakable.

Charlotte and her husband were trekking in the Scottish Highlands last November when they heard a dog howling and moaning. When they got close enough, they discovered a critically injured border collie buried behind a mound of boulders.

They quickly sought assistance from the Scottish SPCA.

One of the Scottish SPCA responders, Yvonne Sloss, claimed to still experience flashbacks at the tragic day she discovered Jake.

The unfortunate puppy was not expected to make it through the night, according to rescuers. He was asleep and had significant injuries when he arrived to Glasgow Animal Clinic.

But he overcame the odds and survived.

Jake had skull fractures, a dislocated jaw, infection, and needed one eye removed after a comprehensive examination.

Mark Greener, another inspector involved in the case, took the beautiful kid in after he underwent all of the required operations.

Greener met Jake on his first day on the job, and it was “a day I’ll never forget,” Jake was an instant hit with him, and he volunteered to foster him for the holidays. Greener began to trust the healing puppy, and the two became inseparable.

Jake was adopted by Greener since he couldn’t fathom living without him.

Jake now spends his days going for walks and swimming, and finally has the happy ending he deserves. Watch the video below to hear Jake’s full story and to see the love between the rescued dog and his new dad.

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