Dog Thrown in Trash Bag at Shelter Doors Unveils Dark Reality.ThaiNga

Unfortunately human cruelty has no end. An example of this is the story of this dog who, after being placed in a garbage bag , is thrown in front of the doors of a shelter in Richmond, Virginia.

Dog found in trash bag

Elderly dog ​​is thrown in a trash bag

This terrible story, coming from Richmond Animal Care and Control, has affected everyone in the city. What is shocking is the malice with which poor animals are treated, who become the victims of these injustices. The problem is that many people take care of animals too superficially , indeed for some they are just toys that can be thrown away at any time.

Even the director of the shelter , Christie Peters , has not found the words to describe this event. Police officers were also involved to be able to find the culprits of this story and bring justice .

The dog is abandoned in front of the doors of a shelter

The dog, a Shih Tzu mix, is now in very poor health. The skin is completely infected, even the eyes and teeth are bad. The poor fellow, therefore, was not simply abandoned , but he was also denied care and attention for a very long time. He looks so unkempt and neglected that he’s really lucky he’s still alive!

Luckily the puppy found guardian angels who didn’t hesitate for even a moment to take care of him. For the first time in his life, the poor animal was filled with affection and love , but above all he had become important to someone.

The dog is rescued and cared for by the shelter

Sometimes affection is not enough though. The staff of Richmond Animal Care and Control has published a post to collect donations. The health conditions are so drastic that he needs further medical interventions immediately. Luckily, the call for help quickly went viral and the shelter was able to raise enough money to save the little angel’s life.

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