Dogs are Family For Life: ‘Then and Now’ Photos of Lifelong Friendships


Regardless of when, where or how these dogs were welcomed into these families, these heartwarming ‘Then and Now’ photos demonstrate that these humans know that dogs are family for life. Submitted by members of our Dogs Are Family community, these wonderful pictures show how precious the time we spend with our dogs are.

Then and Now
We adopted Sadie in 1997 from the Jacksonville Humane Society. We took this picture today… Sadie is now completely deaf so any attempt to get her to look at me failed, lol. This is Christian, Chasity, and Sadie.
~ Submitted by Daphne Riggs

Dogs are family for life:
The photos are of my oldest daughter Amy and our wonderful little poodle, Bonnie who is 17 1/2 years old. She is now fairly deaf and blind, and a little bit dotty, but we still love her as much as when she was a cuddly little bundle of fluff, perhaps even more! She is a much cherished member of our family.
~ Submitted by Beth Joy

Dogs are family for life:
These are pictures of my son Ricky and my chihuahua Lola in 1998 (he was 4) and 2013 (he is 18). She has been around as long as he can remember!!!”
~ Submitted by Julie Seville

Dogs are family for life:
I’ve had my border collie Peder for 14 years!
~ Submitted by Krista Patricio

Dogs are family for life:
Dylan was about 14 months old and Kobe was about 9 weeks old in the summer of 2001. Now Dylan is 12 and Kobe is 11 in the fall of 2012.
~ Submitted by Sheri Musgrave

Dogs are family for life:
Me with my old dog Muñeca. The first picture is from when I was 20 and the second is of my with her at age 29
~ Submitted by Carolina Girón Dubón

Dogs are family for life:
Benny and I. Ten years of pure joy and love
~ Submitted by Julio Vicente Perez

Dogs are family for life:
My son Jimmy with his doggie named Cindy !! We adopted Cindy from our local SPCA and she is living a grand life with us !! March 2002 – December 2012
~ Submitted by Tina Loera

Dogs are family for life:
My little sister Piula and myself then and now, she was my Christmas present 10 years ago and has been my sister and best friend since then and will be forever.
~ Submitted by Claudia Roldan

Dogs are family for life:
I saw the story and pics you published about dogs people and time, I thought it was very nice and touching. My boy has been with me for 10 years and we’re both turning gray! he is my family and I love him! Bhakta since 2002
~ Submitted by Ernesto Masis

Dogs are family for life:
We lost our darling Jesse a few weeks back…so glad we have this to remind us of her… 6 weeks old vs 4 weeks ago! God bless. Jess was 13 when she died…
~ Submitted by Gillian Thomson

Dogs are family for life:
My Daughter with her best buddy Oscar.
~ Submitted by Lee Kindell

Dogs are family for life:
These are pictures of my two younger children, Júlio and Marina, and our beloved dog Dalila. The first photo was taken the day we found her in 1995 and the second on the day before she turned into a star, in 2011. Almost 16 years of love.
~ Submitted by Katia C. P. Rangel

Dogs are family for life:
They are pictures of my son Aaron with our Belgian Tervuren “Skye” (rest her soul, she crossed the Rainbow Bridge in Jan 2012 at over 16 years old). The first picture is of Aaron (1 yr old) and Skye at 7 weeks old. The second pic is Aaron and Skye on her 14th Birthday. She blessed us with her presence for 2 more years. She helped raise my son, and we still miss her very much!!
~ Submitted by Sharon Young

Dogs are family for life:
Posie, then and now. This is me and my 16 1/2 year old toy poodle. I got her when I was 4 years old. She is the most amazing dog ever, and my best friend. I love her so much!
~ Submitted by Jillian

Dogs Are Family For Life…favorite furry friend of fifteen years
~ Submitted by Rachel

Dogs are family for life:
This is what 14 years looks like…Our sweet Levi the day we got him in 1997 and the day we said goodbye in 2012.
~ Submitted by Michael Cole

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