“Dressed to Kill” – 24Kt Gold Plated, Hand Engraved Supra Engine

– Project “Dressed To Kill” – Every Nut and Bolt 24kt Gold Plated Engine –
In the lowrider world metal polishing, plating and engraving are nothing new and a fairly often used customization technique, in the import world however not too many people currently dabble with these techniques (more so the latter engraving). Of late though there seems to be an increase in its use.

RM is a Kent UK located shop run by Rob Mitchell who is clearly a man of a lot of patience and a lot of skill. He has started from scratch to create what he hopes is a good show car with the power and performance to match.

Fully polished, engraved Toyota Supra engine have a plenty of 24 karat gold plated components! The time and attention to detail that goes into a build like this is phenomenal and I think he did an excellent job. The engine was built by SRD and has the potential to run 900-1000 HP with supporting mods.

The lengths he’s gone to set this motor apart from the rest is truly astounding and the fact that all the engraving has been done by hand is mind-blowing. The build is called Dressed to Kill and the progress so far is documented on his personal Facebook page.
The motor isn’t the only part of the Supra getting a lot of attention, the car is also going to be the recipient of a carbon fiber wide body custom interior, and well the works.
Even if this build is not to your taste, you have to respect the time and workmanship going into it. Personally, I think it’s amazing and can’t wait to see the finished car.

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