During every outing, this cat reaches out its paw to greet the dogs it encounters along the way

It is not common to come across a cat in a stroller on the street. It is even rarer to see him greeting dogs! And yet, that’s what Murray’s daily life consists of: a tom who loves others and doesn’t hesitate to let it be known.


Lisa Russell is the happy owner of 3 dogs: Lukas , a Chihuahua , Kai , a Bichon Maltese , and Tica , a Poodle . In 2021, a new little ball of fur was added to the household: a feline named Murray , and whose former owner could no longer take care of.

This man’s neighbor at the time, Lisa did not hesitate for a second to host Murray for a few days. However, as soon as she laid eyes on him, she knew she could never part with him. This is when their fabulous romance began!

An “exceptional” cat

Since then, Murray has brought a lot of happiness to his new home. He is a real ray of sunshine in the eyes of his loved ones, and loves to lend himself to any type of activity. The one who prefers is to go for a walk with her canine friends on board an adapted cart, pushed by her mistress.

The small family lives near a large park with lots of green space, which provides the perfect place to go for a walk. Murray wouldn’t miss this outing for the world! “ When he hears me telling the dogs it’s time to go to the park, he runs down the stairs to join them. He is always looking forward to going there! says Lisa .

“ I put a collar and leash on him so he’s safe in the stroller. He’s a very nice tom, but I want him to be protected in all circumstances, and to prevent him from jumping by reflex to chase a lizard or a bird ,” she adds.

As soon as he is aboard his favorite cart, Murray literally reaches out to everyone he meets. The feline loves to greet walkers and their dogs, but also pretends to be a pilot! “ He swings his little arm over the edge of the stroller like he’s driving his sports car , ” Lisa says .

Every day, the young San Diego resident grows ever more smitten with her furry, mustachioed friend. “ Murray is so affectionate. He is an exceptional cat and I feel very lucky that we found each other. He brings a lot of happiness to the world ,” she concludes.

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