Emotional Reunion: Bullmastiff’s Heartwarming Reaction to Soldier Owner’s Homecoming

Jaxson, the expressive Bullmastiff, wears his heart on his sleeve and doesn’t hold back when it comes to displaying his emotions. His owner, Jason Floyd, had been away for Army basic training, but upon his return, Jaxson couldn’t contain his excitement and lunged at Jason – all 160 pounds of him!

s Jason settled into a chair, the affectionate Bullmastiff leaped up and showered him with affection.

160 Pound Bullmastiff

During his time at Army basic training, 19-year-old Jason had been separated from his 14-month-old son, Jaxson, for several months. To help alleviate their separation, Jason’s mother, Lisa Floyd, had a heartwarming idea: she placed her son’s t-shirts on pillows so that Jaxson could cuddle with them.

Bullmastiff Is Thrilled to See His Military Owner Return Home in Sweet Video

According to Jason’s mother, their reunion was brimming with love and warmth. She expressed her gratitude for capturing the moment, ensuring they could cherish it forever.

Bullmastiff Tackles His Army

Lisa Floyd, a resident of Greenville, Rhode Island, devised a touching plan to comfort Jaxson when his owner, Jason, was away. She arranged Jason’s t-shirts on pillows so that Jaxson could snuggle up to them and feel closer to his beloved human brother. The heartwarming reunion between Jason and Jaxson, captured in the video below, is certain to warm your heart.


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