Energetic Puppy 3-Legged Loves His New Family So Much


This is little Betty. This little girl who came to us from Belenky. Her feet were crushed, and her stomach also had many lacerations. We don’t know what happened to this poor baby.

Urgent hospitalization is essential at this time. The doctors are checking, taking X-rays, the foot is nothing to salvage there.
The baby has no life and dysfunction. She will have surgery to end any pain she has endured. She needs to massage her hind legs regularly, restore blood circulation. The baby also had a torn abdomen, which was sewn up.
She was able to eat a little after 3 days of surgery. She is a gentle child, she has extremely intelligent eyes. She is still at Vet, the baby has to start a new life with everything so unexpected. Fifteen days later, Betty was able to stand up and walk a few steps.
The baby is still a little shy with this new life. We are looking for a home for her. Today is the happiest day of Betty, she was adopted by a kind mother.
For the first time, she was hugged and cuddled so much. May the baby be happy with this wonderful adoptive mother. 30 days later Betty has grown up so much, she is very beautiful and friendly to everything.
She is very smart and never thought she was disabled. Betty has an older brother, she is always protected by this wonderful brother. Videos like these make me burst with happiness.
Watch the video below for the full story! 
Special Thanks To Rescuer:  Sokaklar Bile Yasak Bize 💚
Instagram: @sokaklarbileyasakbize
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