Family Dog Saves Baby Put in Drum Barrel Full of Water by Armed Robbers


Kesha the dog became the family hero after helping her guardian find her one-year-old daughter who had been placed in a drum with water during a robbery in Cuiabá, Brazil.

According to G1, armed robbers snatched the baby from her mother’s arms after the girl began crying.

Angered by the baby’s crying, the thieves allegedly tried to drown the child in a drum barrel filled with water. The assailants fled without stealing anything.

As the mother frantically tried to find her baby, Kesha lead her directly to the drum where her child was trapped inside.

The mother said that she was returning from church with her daughter in a stroller when she saw two men at the door of her home. They were armed and demanded to be let inside. When her daughter began crying she moved to pick her up, but one of the robbers grabbed the baby from her and took her out of the room while the other suspect locked the mother in a room.

The robbers ransacked the cupboards and wardrobes, but then fled. However, before leaving the home, the robbers apparently went to the bottom part of the house, where there was a drum of about 100 litres, which was full of water. The robbers appear to have attempted to muffle the sounds of the toddler’s crying by placing her inside the drum.

The girl’s mother immediately went in search of her daughter. The baby’s grandfather said it was the dog who saved his granddaughter’s life by leading his daughter to where she was trapped and submerged in the drum. He said, “The dog was our salvation because my daughter thought [the robbers] had taken her [the baby] because she stopped crying, but then Kesha went crazy,” he said.

“My daughter went to the front of the house and saw only the bad guys running away and heard no more crying,” the grandfather explained. “Meanwhile, the dog was desperate, barking at my daughter. She ran to the drum and began to scratch it and then would come back to bark at her [his daughter].”

The one-year-old was freed and is doing well.

G1 reported that Military Police are investigating the matter. Lieutenant Colonel of Police, Paul Serbija said, “There was an attempted burglary that turned into an attempted murder of a minor. It’s really unusual in the capital [Mato Grosso].” As no items of value were stolen, police suspect something must have frightened the armed intruders off before they could steal anything.

The baby’s mother could not identify any of the suspects. Police still have no information about the identity of the assailants.

This article has been roughly translated from Photo: Reprodução/TVCA


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