Family Has Emotional Reunion with Their Beloved Dog Missing for 2 Years, Found 700 Miles Away


When a dog named Leia went missing from her El Paso, Texas home during a storm, her owners Alma and Alberto Dominguez were heartbroken. They searched for their beloved dog for more than two years but with no luck.

Then one day, Alma believed she had found her dog 700 miles away. She called Annmarie Anderson, a dog rescuer in Denver, Colorado and said, “You might have my dog.” Watch to see what happened next…

And thanks to Albert, Alma and Annmarie, we know more about this story than is shown in the video. They shared the following information with the DogHeirs community:

Alma Dominquez wrote: “Hello everyone , my name is Alma and I’m Leia’s mom. The video you all watched was shortened and did not show the premise. In 2008, we had a horrible rain storm and an old wood gate in our back yard broke open Leia got out and we were out at 11:30pm looking for her ’til about 2am the morning with no luck. We created a poster immediately and started posting everywhere. I did this for 2 years and months. I had the animal shelter’s number as one of my contacts on my cell.

“On September 18, 2011 I received a phone call from the animal control informing me a lady from Denver, Colorado had found my girl. She still had her original tags on from the day she was first lost. Annmarie is Leia’s guardian angel and I will never be able to thank her enough. I have made a life long friend. Thank you for all your well wishes and kind words. This has been a huge blessing for our family. Thank you again God bless you.”

“Annmarie Anderson wrote: “I need to set one record straight here 🙂 I didn’t have Leia for the 2 years she was missing. The day I found her, I called the vet number on the tag (the same collar and tag that she was wearing when she went missing two years before) and within about 10 minutes, I was on the phone with Alma. That day, she was matted and scared, but looked so relieved to be brought into my home. That weekend, the Oprah Winfrey Network flew Alma and Alberto to Denver to pick Leia up.

“Yes, it was heartbreaking to see her go home, but I was so thrilled that this was the outcome. There is nothing like reuniting a lost pet to her family. In 1995, I lost my Border Collie puppy and about a month later I was reunited with her. This is why this story meant so much to me, to have that happen for someone so special as her family.

“Nakoma passed away in 2008, but was a wonderful family member up until then. And the microchip that Leia had inside of her? Alma had finally decided just a few months before I found Leia to deactivate it. She had hoped and prayed and paid for that microchip for over 2 years. She had finally gave up on Leia coming home which makes this that much more wonderful. See you soon, My friends 🙂 Give Leia a big hug and kiss from us, here, in Colorado :)”

Alberto Dominguez wrote: “Hello everybody. Thank you for your comments and well wishes. Yes, we have been so blessed that there are people like Anne Marie out there. We figure it took about 10-15 minutes from the time Anne Marie found Leia in Denver to the time that Alma was on the phone with her from El Paso. Then we were in Denver by that weekend. All in all The Lord made all this possible. He honored Alma’s prayers and faith. It hurt to lose Leia and tore me apart to see Alma hurting over it. We wish you God’s blessings!”


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