Fascinating and dramatic fight against venomous snakes: The brave dog against the cobra and the ending that shocked everyone.ThuHa

Shocking video shows dog clashing with snake in backyard He was rescued by Bruce Ireland, a snake catcher and a celebrity who lives in the San Diego area of ​​the United States.

Bruce posted a video on his TikTok showing the unusual play between the dog and the snake, which he identified as a non-venomous gopher. The owner of the animal called the hunter to ensure that no animals were hurt and everything went well.


Ireland told Newsweek that he arrived at the scene when the snake’s mouth was stuck in the dog’s mouth and the rest of its body was wrapped around the dog’s face.


In the caption, the American described: “Every time they call me it’s for something funny, it’s been a classic. A lot of people were surprised by the condition of the dog and the snake dad”.


Those who saw the video were shocked. There are many comments joking about the situation: “If it’s not a rope, then why is it in the form of a rope?”, one netizen said, referring to the dog’s imaginary thinking. Another commented: “The snake must have thought: ‘Am I… Am I dead?’.


snake wrapped around dog|TikTok Search


Snake Hunter works with a small group of volunteers who have taken up the task of relocating these animals. The idea is to house them in remote places where they can live safely and securely.


He explained what went wrong in the encounter between the dog and the snake: “A dog uses his nose to investigate. This is what he does: he puts his nose on something that smells strange, looks strange, looks strange. Not cats. The first thing cats do is kick you and jump back.”

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