Feeling nothing but pain when having to live with the cables cutting into this poor dog’s neck, please help him.ThuHa

Batty and Ratty were discovered living in deplorable conditions, with no water, food, or shelter. The rescuers were taken aback when they discovered the dogs, who were in excruciating discomfort due to the ropes and wires wrapped around their necks.

You would believe the dogs were strays, but the fact is that their owners disregarded them and chained them outdoors! Fortunately, Sidewalk Specials’ rescuers were successful in convincing the owners to surrender the dogs!

They took them to the veterinary clinic, where they were evaluated and diagnosed with anemia, mange, inadequate nutrition, and bite fever. Unfortunately, doctors had to amputate one of Batty’s rear legs since it had been broken for almost a year!

They are now available at Sidewalk Specials and are searching for a permanent home. If you are interested, please email contact@sidewalkspecials.org. View the video below.

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