For Every Beauty There is Beast

No, the drifts are not reserved for men. No, the Las Vegas circuit is not forbidden to women. If you like beautiful women with powerful cars you will be served.
You can watch a revamped muscle car version of “Beauty and the Beast” where Chloe is the sexy Belle and the Beast is a 2012 model Corvette Z06 (512 hp V8).

Chloe Mortaud, Miss France 2009, sexier than ever, appears in the promotional video for her husband’s company called Exotics Racing located in Las Vegas, a business specializes in giving people the joyrides of their lives and where you can ride shotgun on 2 laps at the Las Vegas Speedway for $99.

Away from all the show runs, the young woman played the game to perfection, a sexy style for successful Fast and Furious. A very esthetic video that advertises the school of her husband, taking care to make the technical demonstration with a spectacular start, drifts, controlled skids and the best, a beauty that gently waltz in the front seat.

This is a video well worth watching!

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