Formerly Abused Puppy Finds Love and Happiness in Foster Home Despite Losing Teeth

It’s truly astonishing how heartless some individuals can be towards animals. It’s distressing to hear about pets being saved from dreadful living situations where they’re subjected to deplorable conditions. But, on the bright side, there are kind-hearted folks who are willing to come forward and offer these animals a fresh start – giving them the affection and attention they rightfully deserve after enduring so much brutality.

The Royal Animal Refuge located in Tyrone, Georgia recently shared a story about a poor pup that was brought to their facility on February 23. The 9-month-old miniature pit bull mix had all its teeth extracted by its previous owner leading to a heartbreaking situation. However, the good news is that the pup is now under the care of the refuge and is on its way to recovery.

The identity of the perpetrator behind the cruel act on the innocent dog is unclear. However, the rescue team speculates that the canine’s teeth were extracted to make him a “bait dog” in illegal dog fights, as per FOX 5. Mariel Weigand, the Director of Royal Animal Refuge, shared that the vet confirmed the extraction to be unprofessional. Although the pooch went through a traumatic ordeal, he exhibited a gentle nature, which endeared him to the shelter personnel. Royal Animal Refuge expressed their affection for the dog via their Facebook page, stating that they couldn’t resist adopting him, and he quickly won their hearts.

Rescue Puppy Who Had His Teeth Pulled Out by a Previous Owner Is Now

Although the name “Toothless” may sound unkind, it is actually inspired by one of the brave dragons in the popular How to Train Your Dragon movie series. The owners of the puppy explained that Toothless had faced several challenges and triumphed over them, making the name appropriate for their furry friend. However, Toothless encountered another obstacle when he was diagnosed with parvo, a contagious virus that can cause severe sickness in young dogs, not long after he arrived at the shelter.

Pit Bull Who Had All His Teeth Pulled Out Has A New Family And Home |

According to a statement from the Royal Animal Refuge, Toothless was quickly transported to a veterinarian and is now being given medical attention. The refuge is requesting positive thoughts for Toothless during his recovery. They are optimistic that he will pull through as he has already displayed a fighting spirit. The refuge has received generous donations from their supporters to help with the cost of Toothless’ medical treatment. Fortunately, he is recovering well, and FOX 5 reports that his health is improving daily.

Rescue Puppy Who Had His Teeth Pulled Out by a Previous Owner Is Now

Toothless may have faced several challenges such as losing his teeth and fighting parvo, but there’s good news for this adorable dog. He’s currently enjoying a great life under the care of a fantastic foster family, as mentioned in an update from the Royal Animal Refuge. The pictures shared by the organization portray Toothless in his new home, showcasing his stunning smile even though he no longer has teeth.

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