From Abandoned to Winning Hope: A touching video of a pregnant dog being rescued and given a second chance with her poor cubs.ThuHa

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Wow, the mother dog is stunning and her puppies are unbelievably adorable! It’s disappointing that some people cannot appreciate the beauty of these creatures, but I’m glad they were not abandoned in a random location. Wishing you all the best in taking care of the litter!

I really hope that Mam Nata and her adorable puppies will all be able to find their forever homes soon and be welcomed into loving families. It breaks my heart to think that someone could abandon this sweet dog right before Christmas, especially when she was so close to giving birth. Thankfully, the folks at instituto amor em Patas (iaPa) were able to rescue her and provide her with the care she needed. Mam Nata was in such a weakened state and was extremely frightened when they found her, but with some patience and kindness, she eventually began to trust the shelter volunteers. It’s heartbreaking to think that her previous owner was so scared of her puppies that they felt they had no choice but to abandon her. But I’m so glad that Mam Nata and her babies are now in good hands and on their way to finding happy homes.

A volunteer exclaimed that Natajuli’s belly looked huge, possibly carrying 13 or 14 puppies. To ensure her health, we decided to schedule her ultrasound for the following day as she appeared weak. After the check-up, Natajuli was allowed to return to the shelter with the necessary assistance for giving birth. Much to our surprise and delight, she gave birth to 14 adorable puppies. We took Natajuli and her pups to the vet for a quick examination, including ultrasounds and blood tests. Although she appeared tired, her puppies were healthy, chubby, and weighed quite a bit.

I’m so grateful she discovered a wonderful spot to give birth to her puppies.

Wow, that’s a whole bunch of puppies! And the mom looks really big. I can only imagine how scared she must have been to be left in an unfamiliar place like that. It’s really great that you were able to help her and her babies out. You guys are doing an amazing job! It’s so nice to see that they’re all healthy and happy. Check out the video below:

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