From abandonment to adoration: The story of a resilient pup who found a loving forever home.

The occurrence of stray dogs and other homeless animals is on the rise in the streets of Kraljevo, Serbia.

Goran Marinkovic is an animal enthusiast who generously spends his own money to feed more than 100 stray dogs and cats. Despite having plenty of experience in rescuing animals, he was taken by surprise when he encountered a small puppy named Smesten.

Goran shared that his passion is rescuing endangered animals that roam the streets. He expressed his love for all animals, including cats, dogs, and other species, and how it motivates him to take care of them. Goran’s work involves feeding abandoned animals that are not being taken care of by their human owners and are left to fend for themselves on the streets. The number of these animals is steadily growing, making Goran’s job even more crucial.

One day, while feeding a group of stray dogs, he came across Smesten lying amidst a pile of garbage. The puppy looked skinny and sickly, and there was no sight of its mother around. Sadly, the young pup had been using a discarded shoe as a shelter from the elements.

As soon as the pet enthusiast laid eyes on the dirty puppy, his heart sank. To start with, Goran gave the little one some food. However, he quickly understood that leaving the pup in such a fragile state wasn’t an option. Thus, Goran picked him up and took him home, stopping by at the vet’s office to get some medicine before starting the puppy’s healing process.

For the next eight months, Goran provided nourishment and love for the cute puppy until it bloomed with a soft and neat coat, and it grew comfortable and adapted to its surroundings. Moreover, the little pup holds great admiration for Goran as he is his role model!

Initially planning to give Smesten up for adoption after he was fit for it, Goran had several dogs and cats already at his residence. However, as time went by and the puppy grew to a substantial size, Goran realized he could not bear to part with him. In November, Goran eventually adopted Smesten, and they both are thrilled with the outcome. You should see how happy Smesten is right now!

Who doesn’t enjoy witnessing a marvelous makeover? Smesten is now unrecognizable as a new and improved dog. What sets apart a glow-up from a glow-pup? Feel free to spread the word about Goran’s unwavering efforts in rescuing dogs by sharing this article.

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