From Bait Dog to Best Friend, A Puppy’s Rescue


Our fur friends often come into our lives in unexpected ways. Such was the case with Abe. Jo submitted her story to DogHeirs of how a sweet puppy who was used as bait by a dog fighting ring ended up in her family:

“Late one night an ambulance company was flagged down in the inner city for a report of a baby in a bag. As it turned out the bag was actually a drapery panel tied up with electrical cord and the baby was actually a frightened puppy, maybe 6 weeks old.”

“Not quite sure what to do with this bundle of joy at 1 am, they brought it to the area police department where the brand new animal control facility was located. I happened to be the dispatcher that night. I told the driver that when I had an available squad the pup would be dropped off at animal control.”

“As it turned out, the night was pretty busy and I never did get a free squad. So this tiny puppy ran around dispatch for 6 hours, mostly sleeping at my feet and helping me raid the fridge for something for him to eat (thankfully the officers didn’t mind me sharing their lunches with him).”

“He showered me with kisses and didn’t want to leave my side (a trait he still holds to this day). After closer inspection I discovered he had several puncture wounds to his ears and much of his body and a dislocated tail. The pattern of the wounds made it apparent he had been bitten numerous times by another dog.”

“That’s when I realized, given the location he was found, the manner in which he was dumped and his injuries, he had been used as bait for fighting dogs. Yeah, he never made it to animal control. He came home with me instead.”

“That first morning in my kitchen he sat with his back to me watching his new big sister (my Rottweiler named Tyrant) while I rattled off potential names. When I reached the name Abraham, he turned around and looked at me. Well that settled it. I now had an Abe.”

“That was 13 years ago last month. He is my constant companion and my best friend. He came with some baggage (fear of men and water), but I have never experienced a bond with a dog like I have with Abe. I cannot leave the room without him and he gives his best Lassie ‘Timmy fell in the well’ impression as a greeting after I’ve been gone. He even sat by my car every day for a week while I was on vacation.”

“He’s deaf as a post, starting to lose his sight, doesn’t move as easily as he used to, has atrocious breath and still sheds the equivalent of a Pomeranian a day, but I couldn’t imagine life without him. He’s still my puppy. He still raids the fridge late at night with me, only now I’m an officer and don’t mind sharing my lunch one bit with him. And he still showers me with kisses, even though I have to hold my breath now so as not to pass out. Sometimes there are once in a lifetime dogs and for me it’s Abe.”

A few months later, Jo shared some sad news about her beloved pup. Abe had crossed Rainbow Bridge. She wrote:“Update: 10/07/13: Abe left us this morning. I will miss him terribly.”

Rest in Peace, dear Abe.

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