From Despair to Salvation: Poor dog rescued from filthy cage in scorching heat, rescued from impending carnage

Emily, a distressed dog, endured a grim existence on a dog meat farm in South Korea, confined to a squalid, empty cage. When rescuers from the Humane Society of the United States arrived at the meat farm to see her, it was the sweltering heat of a July day.

Emily was in agonizing pain. Her paws were raw, swollen, and tortured from standing on the wire floor where she had endured a life of isolation. Her coat was missing, and a severe case of untreated mange inflicted further suffering.

Emily’s life had been a continuous nightmare, and the prospect of impending slaughter loomed over her. Fortunately, rescuers arrived just in the nick of time to spare her from this dreadful fate. They successfully rescued not only Emily but also all 130+ dogs that had suffered alongside her at the meat farm.

Emily received immediate medical attention at an animal hospital to address her injuries. Her transformation has been truly remarkable. Her coat began to grow back beautifully after receiving treatment for her mange.

Currently, Emily resides in Florida with her new loving family. She relishes every moment of her newfound life. With a spacious backyard to roam freely and the companionship of other dogs, she has bid farewell to the confines of a cage. Her friendly and sweet nature has endeared her to her human and canine friends alike.

Thanks to the HSUS, Emily now knows the joys of giving and receiving love. She sleeps on a comfortable bed, enjoys nourishing meals, and plays with real toys. This is the life every dog deserves!

Regrettably, the dog meat farm that once tormented Emily is not an isolated case. South Korea is notorious for breeding dogs for human consumption, with thousands of such farms across the country. The HSUS remains committed to the ongoing fight to shut down all these facilities!

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