From Petrified to Beloved: A Canine’s Journey Towards Overcoming Fear and Finding Love

When Save A Greek Stray came across Petra, they were left in disbelief. She was emaciated, writhing in agony, and scarcely had the strength to move. It was clear she had been battling various hardships for an extended period. For years, Petra had called the streets of Oropos, a rural Athens neighborhood, her home. However, the unforgiving environment had taken its toll, and her body was ravaged by infections and diseases. The rescue team knew they had to act swiftly to save this precious pup.

Petra earned her name, which means “stone” in Greek, due to her rough and scaly skin caused by mange. Her pictures were shared on social media, catching the eye of a skilled dog rehabilitator named Valia Orfanidou. Even without meeting Petra in person, Valia was deeply moved by her story, describing her as stunning, despite her emaciated body and mangy face. Valia’s admiration for Petra prompted her to reach out to the rescue team and arrange a visit.

Back then, I wasn’t a volunteer at the shelter, but I eagerly awaited weekly updates on her progress. Valia expressed her joy at finally meeting the dog a few months after her complete recovery from various illnesses such as mange, leishmaniasis, and ehrlichia.

Valia has a history of saving dogs considered “hopeless” cases. However, she faced a new challenge when she rescued Petra. Despite receiving love and care for several months, Petra had trust issues that exceeded her health problems. She was too fearful to leave her cage and would growl at other dogs, despite Valia’s efforts to make her feel at ease.

Valia partnered with the subject and noticed a significant improvement in her behavior. Initially, it took an hour to cover a short distance from her enclosure during their first walk. However, with each passing week, she became more open to taking walks and accepting love and companionship from other dogs. With Valia’s support, the subject persevered and never regressed, eventually reaching the point where she is now.

Petra gradually unlocked her heart through a considerable amount of patience and time.

alia reports that the dog whose appearance resembled stone and who had a cold heart has undergone a remarkable transformation and is now a content, outgoing, loving, and well-behaved canine. The only thing missing from Petra’s life is a permanent home. Those interested in giving her a forever home can find her in Greece through Save A Greek Stray. Don’t hesitate to share Petra’s incredible journey with your loved ones!

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