Going Barefoot: Heroic Cop Rescues Scared Pup from Dark Tunnel.

The itty-bitty pup got startled by a car and ran towards the canal channel where she ended up getting stuck in the pitch-black tunnel. Thankfully, Officer Joe Brazil came to her rescue without any hesitation and helped the poor doggo out of the sticky situation.

On May 2, 2016, Peggy Edwards shared a heartwarming story on Facebook that soon became an internet sensation. Joe, a police officer from Woonsocket in Rhode Island played a crucial role in the story. The incident occurred when a vehicle frightened a small Yorkshire terrier causing it to run off. The dog’s first instinct was to escape into a tunnel. Peggy’s narrative deeply touched the hearts of many.

Last April 30th, a little pooch was seen wandering around without a leash and suddenly got startled by a car that drove by. The dog ran and ended up crashing into a tunnel, which was connected to a local creek. The situation was dire as the dog was stuck about 20-25 feet inside the tunnel, holding on for dear life. A lady named Peggy narrated her encounter with the stranded pooch on Facebook. She felt an urge to help but was hesitant, afraid that she might scare the dog even more. But then she came up with an idea. She called the Woonsocket Police Department for assistance, and they did not disappoint. Officer Joe Brazil arrived at the scene and immediately offered his help.

Peggy shared a story of how a brave Officer rescued a tiny dog from a tunnel. The Officer didn’t hesitate to jump in and emerged with a wet yet safe dog. Peggy expressed her gratitude towards the Officer for saving the little girl. The Officer even took his shoes and socks off before entering the tunnel to save the dog. He was cautious not to scare the frightened dog further down the tunnel and used a gentle approach to rescue her. Cece, the adorable dog, seems to be very affectionate towards the Officer who saved her, as seen in the picture. Later, it was found that Cece belonged to Michelle Perez, who was delighted that her puppy had been found after escaping from her house.

“Only five months old,” Perez said in an interview while explaining how she couldn’t sleep and spent the entire night driving around and trying to reach her furry friend. Cece had a traumatic experience in the tunnel, but thanks to Peggy Edwards and Officer Joe Brazil’s dedication, she was rescued and reunited with her owner. It’s a relief to know that Cece is safe and sound back with her human companion!”

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