Going the Extra Mile: Cop Ditches Footwear to Rescue Frightened Pup Stuck in Underground Passage

The diminutive canine ran in fright after a vehicle startled her, seeking refuge under the canal channel. Unfortunately, the young pup became ensnared in the dimly lit tunnel and was unable to free herself until a vigilant police officer came to her rescue.

Joe Brazil, a kind-hearted police officer from Woonsocket, Rhode Island, proved his willingness to help without hesitation when he rescued a distressed dog. Peggy Edwards shared the heartwarming incident on Facebook on May 2, 2016, and it soon became a viral sensation. The story revolved around a small Yorkshire terrier who became anxious after a car startled it, causing the poor creature to bolt into a tunnel. Officer Joe Brazil played a significant role in the story’s resolution.

A small dog was seen running freely on April 30th and got startled by a car passing by, causing it to hit a tunnel that passes through a nearby creek. As shared by Peggy on Facebook, the dog was stranded around 20-25 feet inside the tunnel while holding onto its edge. Although Peggy had an urge to help the dog, she was hesitant, fearing it might get scared and hide further inside the tunnel. However, with a brilliant thought, Peggy contacted the Woonsocket Police Department, hoping for their help, and Officer Joe Brazil came to rescue the dog in just a few minutes.

Peggy shared the story of what had happened, and the brave Officer was enthusiastic about helping out. Without any hesitation, he entered the tunnel and came out with a frightened little dog who was soaking wet. It was fortunate that the Officer was around to help, and we’re all grateful for his heroic actions. To rescue the pup, the Officer even took off his shoes and socks before venturing into the tunnel.

WJAR NBC10 was able to contact the Officer who recounted the heartwarming rescue of Cece. According to him, when he approached her, she was clinging to the side of the tunnel and trembling with fear. He observed that the little dog seemed extremely scared, so he took extra care not to frighten her any further. What happened next was truly amazing! The Officer allowed Cece to sniff his fingers as he inched closer toward her in the tunnel until he was close enough to lift her up and rescue her.

According to Brazil’s account to WJAR NBC10, it seemed as if the dog was expressing gratitude when she was rescued. The photo captures the dog’s affection and appreciation towards the officer who came to her aid. Interestingly, it turned out that Cece was not a stray dog, but actually belonged to a loving household. As per an interview with WJAR NBC10, Cece’s owner, Michelle Perez, was thrilled to have her dog back after it had escaped the day after being gifted to her by her mother-in-law.

In an interview, Perez shared that he couldn’t sleep because he was driving around and trying to find his lost five-month-old puppy. Thanks to Peggy Edwards and Officer Joe Brazil, Cece was rescued from a frightening tunnel and reunited with her owner. This heartwarming story has been captured in a video that you can watch below. Let’s spread the joy by sharing this story with our loved ones.

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