Gone in (Less Than) Sixty Seconds! Watch Fastest Car Towing In the World

Incredible footage shows a hi-tech tow truck scooping up a car and taking it away in the blink of an eye.

This sure beats the heck out of the mess that is a tow truck doing its thing in the U.S. where it clogs traffic and seems to take forever.

And, yes, let’s be honest – unless a tow truck is shaped like KITT from Knight Rider and spews beer when it back up, no one is happy to see it. With that said, this is still a much more efficient way to get a car off the road, whether it’s illegally parked or it’s got a dead battery.

The video, which lasts just 58 seconds, shows a Hyundai illegally parked on the street in Turkey.
The truck is equipped with lifting forks that grab the car and deposited on the trailer in less time than it takes to tell it. A truck pulls alongside and lowers metal arms, which extend and lift the car onto the bed before being taken away.
The process is lightning quick and the workers don’t even need to get out of their vehicle.

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