Gus Kenworthy Adopts Puppy He Saw Being Born At Korean Meat Farm


Gus Kenworthy and his boyfriend Matthew Wilkas have welcomed a new puppy into their home. The Olympic skier announced the news when he shared a photo of his new puppy, Birdie, on Instagram. He adopted Birdie two months after his beautiful Beemo, died of a heart condition in May.

Birdie comes from the very same meat farm in South Korea that Beemo was from. And, Gus actually saw Birdie being born!

“The day Matt and I visited the horrifying dog meat farm in South Korea we witnessed a mother dog giving birth to a litter of pups,” Gus wrote on Instagram. “The people at @hsiglobal [Humane Society International] told us that had they not been there filming my visit nobody would’ve seen the pups immediately and they likely would’ve died in the brutal cold.”

“Luckily though I saw them and they were rushed inside and saved,” the skier continued. “A few weeks later when all 90 of the dogs on that farm (including Beemo) were flown to North America that mother and her newborn litter were the only ones that stayed behind because the pups were too young to travel.”

I’m Birdie. Tell me I’m cute or you’re blocked.

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“After Beemo passed away I was feeling completely empty and I reached back out to the Humane Society International to find out what happened to that litter,” he explained.

Gus was kept up to date on the litter’s progress through photos and video updates, among them Birdie. Birdie, a 5-month-old Jindo/Labrador mix, was flown from South Korea to Washington, D.C. to meet with her new family.

Gus said that Birdie’s name is linked to Beemo too “because birds were one of Beemo’s favorite things in the world.”

He plans on posting photos of Birdie on Beemo’s Instagram page. “I was nervous that would seem disrespectful to Beemo’s memory but I actually LOVE the idea that both of my beautiful little girls will share the page,” he wrote.

“Nothing in the world could ever replace Beemo or the love that we felt and still feel for her but Birdie has already stolen a new place in our hearts and we’re excited to be dog dads again,” Gus wrote, sharing the hashtag #DogsAreFriendsNotFood.


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