Gymkhana 8 – Ken Block is Back with Outrageous Drifting Tour in Dubai

Ken Block’s Gymkhana is back, and this time he drives through the streets of exotic Dubai. There’s everything you’d expect in a car video from the United Arab Emirates: Ridiculous hypercars and a police fleet that would put most millionaires’ car collections to shame. There’s a Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari F12, a Lexus LFA, Lamborghini Aventador and… a Ford Fiesta, the kind of car more synonymous with ferrying youngsters safely to school.

But it’s not any old Ford Fiesta. It’s the professional rally driver Ken Block’s 650bhp, AWD Ford Fiesta RX3, ready to do battle with the big guns.

The Hoonigan star starts from the sand dunes in the outskirts of the city, making his way to the beautiful and exotic locations of Middle Easter country, pulling off jaw-dropping stunts aboard his rally edition of his Ford Fiesta.

From there on in, Block’s up to his usual tricks. Donuting around a moving F-150 that’s riding on two wheels, a drag race between a Veyron, Ferrari F12, Lexus LFA and Lamborghini Aventador (um, guess who wins), a tandem drive with light aircraft, pestering of Boeing’s Dreamliner, a close encounter with Ford’s all-new GT, and many more skids. When 200+mph supercars, driving on two wheels and 1000+hp is hardly out of the norm, you can say Block had to pull out all the stops.
Shot using a mixture of in-cockpit Go Pro cameras, cameras mounted on helicopters and state-of-the-art film equipment, this truly unlike any video of Dubai seen before.
Bonus: we get a sneak peek of the Gymkhana 9 Hoonniganmobile at the end. Check out the new car that will feature in his next Gymkhana video – a buffed up, mean-looking car named the Ford Focus RS RX.

We actually know very little about this car. However, what we can see is pure Group B rally car, with a massive body kit, enormous spoiler, and massive vents cut into the bonnet and rear doors. Luckily we won’t have to wait until Gymkhana 9 to see it in action – it’s set to debut at the FIA World Rallycross stop in Portugal, driven by Block.

We already can’t wait to see where Block is sliding around next time.

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