Happy Ending: Stranded Dog Rescued by Compassionate Men

Plumbers rescue a dog that was abandoned in a ditch with its mouth and legs taped. The poor animal was left to die, but thankfully the kind-hearted plumbers didn’t ignore it. Upon being rescued, the dog couldn’t stop wagging its tail.

While commuting to their workplace, Carlos Carillo, a plumber, and his colleague stumbled upon an unexpected discovery in a ditch located on a rural path. Carrillo, employed at Shoreline Plumbing in Texas, revealed that they were unable to identify the animal initially as it was a dog. However, upon returning to take a closer look, they noticed a horrifying sight. The dog’s mouth was tightly sealed, and it was restrained using tubing. It was evident that someone had abandoned the poor creature, intending for it to die.

Carillo and his friend hurried to assist the dog. Carrillo noted that the canine appeared to be in high spirits and relished the spotlight. It was evident that the furry friend had only been there for a brief period, perhaps just a day or two.

The dog was taken by the plumbers to Peewee’s Pet Adoption, a nearby no-kill shelter. Carrillo noted the dog’s joyful expression, acknowledging that he knew he had been saved. “Just look at that face!” exclaimed Carrillo.

Although the dog was diagnosed with heartworms, he was still considered to be in decent condition and began receiving treatment. Peewee’s Pet Adoption spokesperson shared that the dog’s tail continuously wagged, making him all the more endearing. The person who left the dog behind was not identified, but fortunately, the plumbers were able to provide the animal with another opportunity at life. The only thing left is for the dog to find a caring and permanent home.

The pup is over the moon to have survived and is on the lookout for a forever home filled with love.

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