He Spent Every Day In Front Of The House For Two Long Years Waiting For His Owner To Return In Vain

This tale provides a thorough depiction of how dogs exemplify unwavering loyalty towards humans. They are the perfect embodiment of this trait.

A friendly neighbor discovered an elderly dog living in an abandoned residence and promptly contacted Animal-Safe Shelter.


“A scenario that prevented my tears. In the yard of the deserted house, lay an old dog taking a nap.”

Two years ago, his owner passed away from cancer. Since then, Snow has been homeless and living on the streets.

In the morning, he departed through the front entrance to retrieve sustenance. Later in the evening, he returned to the same spot to await the owner’s arrival. Despite this, the owner failed to appear, leaving him perplexed. His downcast demeanor was evident from the sadness in his eyes.

Snow was his nickname. Snow underwent health examinations at the vet and had lost a significant amount of water resulting in visible ribs due to being extremely thin. The ultrasound showed that Snow’s liver and kidneys were experiencing difficulties.

Fluids were administered immediately to aid in his recovery.

On the second day, he was extremely weak, which is why I stayed by his side every second.

If he exhibited any abnormal behavior, I feared what might occur in my absence.



Due to his hunger, he consumed a small amount of food. At that moment, Snσw required nutritious sustenance to facilitate his speedy recovery.


Two weeks later, Snow’s healing progress was noticeable as he gradually began to consume more food.

Snow got into the automobile and was grateful for the help. He ate very little that day, savored life, and spoke minimally.

As a young pup, Snσw was highly sensitive and emotional. Whenever I looked away, he would growl with anger, perhaps afraid that I too would abandon him like his previous owner.

Snow’s health remained stable, bringing him a sense of relief. He deserved to live a comfortable life where he was looked after and protected.

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