He was left in the forest with a huge tumor, alone in the cold and painfully waiting to die, please save this poor dog

This dog caught the attention of several rescue organizations when a compassionate woman spotted him and decided to share his photo on Facebook.

The dog belongs to the amstaff breed and is immobile, only able to stand. We are left in the dark regarding the circumstances that led to his current condition. It’s possible he may have suffered an injury or, even worse, endured harm, possibly in a remote wooded area.

Despite his challenges, he remains an absolute sweetheart, with his tail never ceasing to wag. Notably, his ears have been cropped, indicating he likely had an owner who subjected him to this procedure before abandoning him.

He goes by the name Alphonzo. An initial examination suggests a tumor in his leg, which has resulted in severe disfigurement and unbearable pain. Further diagnostic tests, including blood work, a chest x-ray, and a CT scan, are scheduled to determine the extent of his condition. It’s highly probable that he will require an amputation to alleviate his suffering.

Remarkably, Alphonzo maintains his upbeat demeanor, constantly showering people with tail wags and affection. He exhibits a healthy appetite, a positive sign.

Following a chest x-ray, it was a relief to discover no metastases. He’s currently receiving intravenous treatment, and his leg amputation cannot be delayed any longer.

After enduring a lengthy and demanding surgical procedure, his front leg was successfully amputated, and a 6-kilo tumor was removed. Alphonzo’s resilience shone through, and he pulled through.

Four days later, Alphonzo was discharged from the clinic, and his progress has been remarkable. He is truly a fighter and is expected to thrive. Though he remains anemic, we’re addressing this with appropriate vitamins and nutrition. Alphonzo is now under the care of Merima, a dedicated vet nurse, in a private foster home.

He has overcome a challenging surgery and is poised to enjoy a normal, happy life. Our hope is that one day he will find a loving forever home where he’ll be cherished as much as he loves himself.

Fast forward a month, and Alphonzo’s recovery is going remarkably well. His wounds are healing without complications, and he continues to be a gentle soul, adoring people, children, and even dogs, with no aversion to cats!

At approximately a year old, Alphonzo eagerly awaits the resumption of the free spaying and neutering program. We’re hopeful that someone will fall in love with this special dog and offer him the loving home he deserves.

He is deeply appreciative of your support, as are Meri and Franjo, who have provided him with exceptional care throughout his journey.

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