Heartbreaking Moment: Mother Dog Cries as Her Puppies Are Sold

Jetiba’s police in Brazil received a complaint on November 6th, 2020, which included a photograph of a mother dog along with her puppies. Upon reaching the location mentioned in the complaint, it was discovered that there was a solitary, big female dog present in an unclean backyard area without her pups.

The poor dog was left without any sustenance and was trembling due to the neglect. It was evident that she had just given birth to puppies. When we inquired with the owner, he confessed that he had sold off her offspring for monetary gains.

The proprietor was brought to the authorities due to his deeds. After digging deeper into the matter, we found out that the distressed female canine, whom we called Aisha, also had cranial and cerebral injuries. She was overwhelmed with agony and despair, unable to stand up straight, and having a hard time eating.

Aisha was still in danger of worsening and required daily treatment, which proved to be difficult for her. She felt sad and missed her babies, so we gave her a toy to cheer her up. After receiving prolonged treatment and physical therapy, Aisha slowly began to show improvement in her mobility.

Even though Aisha still needed help with eating and using the bathroom, acupuncture helped improve her back legs. We were hopeful that she could eventually regain the ability to walk, but we knew it would take time and consistent physical therapy and training. Additionally, Aisha’s mood improved as she became more comfortable with our care and affection.

After staying at our center for two months, Aisha’s weight increased by 5kg, but her mobility remained limited as she was unable to walk on her own. However, when her inspiring story caught the attention of many people, she was gifted a wheelchair that significantly enhanced her ability to move around. In the final stage of her progress, we were delighted to hear that she took three steps independently after gaining confidence with the aid of her new equipment.

It’s already been half a year since we discovered Aisha, and her development has been really uplifting.

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